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Hello 2022-2023!

Let's VOTE !

Hello BASIS Phoenix Central community!  The Boosters Club hopes that everyone is settling into their new classes and looking forward to the many events this school year has to offer!  On that note, it is time to elect this year’s BASIS Phoenix Central Boosters Club leadership.  


We hope that many families (parents, grandparents, guardians, ...) will come together and join the fun of building this year’s Boosters team!  You can do this by attending the election on August 31, 2022, at 8:30am - 9:30am in the school’s MPR-1, after the Hawk Talk! We

will meet, answer any pending questions about the eligible positions, briefly introduce candidates, open voting, and congratulate the volunteers in their new roles!


The election is open to every member of our BASIS community, as is the voting.  The Boosters Club created an informational packet to make participation in this process as effortless as possible in efforts to build our community.


In the attached 2022-2023 BOOSTER Introduction Packet, we would like to present:

- The BPC BOOSTER 2022-2023 events calendar

- The board, chief, coordinator and volunteer position descriptions for election

- The teacher’s lounge restock list and schedule


Please review the packet at your leisure.  Any questions, or volunteers who wish to be considered as a candidate please email Bree Adams at in preparation for the election.


We look forward to connecting with everyone as we continue to build our community and we appreciate your support in this election process.  See you next Wednesday morning!

Click To Download 2022-2023 Introduction Packet