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Hello 2023-2024!

Let's VOTE !

The BASIS Phoenix Central BOOSTER Club wants to give an early welcome to families, students, teachers and staff. We are already in the midst of a successful 2023-2024 academic year!


While students are at BPC to help one another, learn lots, persevere through the difficulties, and to be kind to one another; we families and guardians can support their academic growth and build a community where everyone can strive in the BOOSTER Club.


We hope that many families (parents, grandparents, guardians, …) will join the BOOSTERS Club and help build the fun that will be had 2023-2024.

Once nominations are received, an official meeting to elect board members and other active members for the BPC BOOSTER Club will be held, with an option to join virtually. Come vote or even start planning for a specific event by joining as an event chair!

If you are interested in a board role, we urge you to review our voting packet and please message us in advance of the meeting with your nomination - either for yourself or another Boosters member.

We look forward to connecting with everyone.

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